(Pseudo) Daily FASTE?

My post from this morning -- the one with the snapshot from 1978 -- made me realize something. Blog posts do not have to be long. For a while I was doing a simple weekly post on junk found in my basement but I've always had this idea in the back of my head that I shouldn't put up something new unless it was detailed and well thought-out.


I love the idea of quick and interesting. Sort of a twitter-esque mindset. But all too often, the quick and interesting gets lost in the shuffle of Twitter.

So my plan here is simple: More posts. Less detail. Same junk.

Daily? Maybe. But probably not.

Sure there'll be an occasional lengthy post when I get the urge, but I'm a firm believer that in this case, less is more.

Often finding myself neglecting this blog because of time-consuming work on my other sites, my hope is that this simpler pseudo-daily blog idea will kick FASTE back in gear a bit.

Stay tuned. This mess starts tomorrow.


ShezCrafti said...

I went through a discovery process with my blog and have since lived the mantra, "done is better than perfect." People have short attention spans, and a lot of people consume blogs through a feed, so short & snappy wins out over lengthy and full of detail. And it makes things easier on the blogger, too. Looking forward to more of your pseudo-dailies. :)

TL said...

Attention span is key. Mine is horrible. Why should I expect anything more from others, right?