Can Your Internet Do That?

As much as I rely on technology from the computer I'm sitting at right now to the phone in my pocket, I'm a traditionalist at heart.

My Limited Edition Rookie Card

When I was a kid, several of my friends had baseball cards made of themselves.

I waited until 2008.

Welcome to the gun show.

Michael Jordan at 50

I had tons of Michael Jordan junk when I was in junior high. At one point, I even had a small shrine in my bedroom dedicated to the guy. Over time, I've come to despise the man as one of the most arrogant personalities in sports, but still...MJ turned 50 today and I thought I'd take a look back at the days when he was my idol.

There is photographic evidence, people.

I had shirts...

I dunked on a Nerf hoop complete with a homemade "Jordan Jammer" backboard...

I even won a speech contest in 8th grade by sharing my thoughts on Jordan behind the theme "The Dream is Alive."

But what about a look at the junk I had? Here's a look at some things I used to have that have since been sacrificed via trash can or eBay...

Here's the junk I still have...

Sharing this stuff is one thing...but really, I just want to plug what is possibly my favorite Twitter account...EVER! For reals. If you're not following, @__MICHAELJ0RDAN, you're missing out.

Run DMC visits Reading Rainbow

When awesome gets more awesome.

From the front to the back as the pages turn. Reading is a very fresh way to learn.

I Saw the Spice Girls

Yeah. So what? You've been to some bad concerts before, too.

Toy Hunter: Neighborhood Edition

Over the past week, I've discovered and watched the entire first season of the Travel Channel show Toy Hunter. If you've seen American Pickers on the History Channel, it's pretty much the same concept -- except it's all about toys. I'm not really sure why I didn't watch this show sooner -- especially considering 90% of the toys featured on the show are from the era I grew up in. But anyway...

The host of Toy Hunter, Jordan Hembrough, travels the country dealing in vintage toys. Sometimes he comes across pieces that are common and other times pieces that are borderline priceless. So who better to consult regarding my own personal holy grail -- the late 1970's Neighborhood of Make-Believe Playset.

Thanks to the wonders of the internet, I was able to get a message out via Twitter which Jordan kindly replied to within minutes. Honestly, I was somewhat hoping to hear that he had never heard of this playset. If he'd never seen one, I'd be okay with the fact that I've never seen one.

No such luck.

So a guy who deals in vintage toys every day has only seen one of these in fifteen years?!? With this in mind, I'm reminded of a line from Dumb & Dumber: "So you're telling me there's a chance?"

It's out there, people. It's out there.

McDonald's Shanghai Taste Adventure, Pt. 2

Back in October, I mentioned my quest to prove that McDonalds once served Chinese food. The scanned tray liner that I shared in that post was fine and good, but it was just an image I found online. I even found a commercial for the Chicken McNuggets Shanghai promotion.

But I wanted tangible evidence.

Specifically, I wanted chopsticks.

Much like when I stumbled upon the image of the tray liner, I took a shot in the dark one day and eBay came through for me.

I'd say my memories of the chopstick instructions couldn't have been more spot on.

Sure I paid (a very small amount of) good money for three pair of wooden chopsticks that I could have picked up for free at Hot Wok, but these are different. These chopsticks are evidence that I'm not crazy.

Mother Goose Treasury, Volume 1

My grandfather passed away last weekend at age of 92.

This past week I had the pleasure (circumstances aside) to visit with some family members who I hadn't seen in quite some time. As my cousins and I recounted our various memories of visiting our grandparents, one common topic was a VHS tape that was played over...and over...and over. The Mother Goose Treasury, Volume 1 was likely a video that my grandmother picked up on a trip to Wal-Mart one day but it became something of legend among the grandkids.

A few years back, I bought a DVD copy for myself on Amazon but it appears that a saint among us has put the entire video up on YouTube.

I've found that this is just as obnoxious now as it was thirty years ago. Have you ever seen something that is so bad that it's entertaining? Well add another title to your list.