McDonald's Shanghai Taste Adventure, Pt. 2

Back in October, I mentioned my quest to prove that McDonalds once served Chinese food. The scanned tray liner that I shared in that post was fine and good, but it was just an image I found online. I even found a commercial for the Chicken McNuggets Shanghai promotion.

But I wanted tangible evidence.

Specifically, I wanted chopsticks.

Much like when I stumbled upon the image of the tray liner, I took a shot in the dark one day and eBay came through for me.

I'd say my memories of the chopstick instructions couldn't have been more spot on.

Sure I paid (a very small amount of) good money for three pair of wooden chopsticks that I could have picked up for free at Hot Wok, but these are different. These chopsticks are evidence that I'm not crazy.


Shawn Robare said...

Tim, the last line of this post had me laughing out loud for reals. Cling to those chopstix man, cling to 'em! ;)

ShezCrafti said...

You did what you had to do, man.

I feel the same way about the time McD's had those weird holiday sauces for McNuggets.

TL said...

I love the idea of just doing what I had to do...

Went into a burning building to save a child? Just doing what I had to do.

Put my life on the line to save an innocent animal? Just doing what I had to do.

Paid a few bucks for some old chopsticks so I could prove that I'm not imagining things. Just doing what I had to do.