Record Sale 2013

I have a weakness and it's called cheap records.

As in previous years, I volunteered to help with a record sale which raises money for a local non-profit. Unless it's ultra-collectible, every record is $1.

Usually I wrap up my time volunteering with a handful of records that I take home and add to my own collection and last year I behaved myself quite well. This year, largely due to the person who donated their collection of 80's hip-hop albums, I did not exercise the same self-control.

Welcome to my collection, 70+ new records.


Hobgoblin238 said...

I miss records.

the sandwich life said...

very, VERY nice....I love that Bay City Rollers album!!

leftylimbo said...

Woooooooo! Man you SCORED! Bigtime! I only took a moment to scroll through your find, but man I saw all kinds of '80s hip hop classics in there. Awesome deal, man! Where the heck is that sale?? Man I wish they had that here! L.A. though? Good luck...psshh!