The Crappiest Comic I Owned

This weeks' League topic: Comic books.

While my childhood was filled with superheroes, whether they be in Saturday morning cartoon format or action figure format, I never really latched on to comic books. Now don't get me wrong -- my brother had a huge comic book collection so I, of course, spent a good amount of time following his lead by buying up my share of X-Men comics. Truth be told, though, I probably owned about 100 comics at that time and actually read maybe ten of most.

I once traded a copy of G.I. Joe #1 to my brother for a switch-blade comb -- but, believe it or not, that is not the defining moment of my days as a comic collector.

The year was 1984 and my family was visiting my grandmother's house. As we always did on such trips, my brother and I walked to a nearby bookstore where comics were also sold. It was here that I bought a copy of Iceman #1 before walking across the street to a small park where my brother and I sat at a table to check out our newest purchases.

Disinterested in the comic itself, I sat looking at an ad for the upcoming line-up of Saturday morning cartoons. At this moment, from a branch just over my head, a bird decided to poop squarely on my comic. As I wiped the pages on the grass, my brother mocked me mercilessly.

So there it is, folks. When I look back at my childhood and I think about comic books, I don't think about the exciting stories or the detailed artwork or the fascinating characters.

I think about bird poop.

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Shawn Robare said...

Dude, those are the best sorts of memories! Also, G.I. Joe #1 in exchange for a switchblade comb is all win as far as I'm concerned... ;)

TL said...

But back in the day that GI Joe #1 was quite a possession. I wish I still had that switchblade comb.