The Summer of Tim: Day 4

DAY 4 - June 4 - A photo negative, a late-night purchase, a household chores

When I returned home yesterday, I had a package waiting for me in the mail.

Living in the same house from the time I was born until I left for college, I attended a small rural school for grades K-8, mostly with the same 15-20 classmates the entire way through. The school shared its name with a small stretch of road (which I lived on) -- maybe a mile long that connected the K-4 building with the 5-8 building. I hold these years very dear and gladly welcome any sort of memento from this school or this area, so imagine my excitement when something actually showed up online!

Just around the corner from where I grew up was a church that I saw about every day. I honestly don't know that I ever set foot inside the actual building, but it was a vividly familiar landmark from my childhood. By chance, a random search on eBay turned up an original photo negative of this church from 1949! I was thrilled to open the package but somewhat disheartened when I found out that no one in my area is able (willing?) to convert this negative to a digital image for me for a decent price or without sending off the negative for 3-6 weeks.

Enter MacGyver.

A skinny cardboard box, some masking tape, a piece of white paper, and a desk lamp later....I had my image.

This task completed, my kids spent the late morning playing in the yard while my wife and I tackled the long-overdue task of vacuuming the insides of our cars. It's amazing the amount of Cheerios and raisins that can accumulate under a car seat.

Today's mail arrived bringing another package. "What's this?" I thought. Opening up the padded envelope I was reminded of a late night purchase I made a little over a week ago -- a collection of five Saved By the Bell paperbacks. As I said on Twitter this afternoon, I think I need to be banned from eBay after 10pm.


The kids napped this afternoon so I took that opportunity to covert a record to CD for my dad -- D-Day Plus 20: A Commemorative Documentary Recording of the Allied Invasion of Normandy. I kept the volume down on the record while it recorded so I could watch the Muppet Show.

With the Muppet Show playing, I sifted through some other things I brought back from my dad's house including a Durham Industries Coca-Cola Roll-Along truck and my grandparents old cookie jar.


Both of my paternal grandparents passed away this spring and when I was asked if there was anything I wanted from their house, I wanted one thing -- their cookie jar. It's nothing fancy. Just a glass jar with a thin metal lid. But the sound of that lid being removed is one I will never forget and will forever associate with visits to their house.

Time to put on a movie and wind down for the day. Seems like a good night for High Fidelity.

The Summer of Tim continues...

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