The Summer of Tim: Day 6

DAY 6 - June 6 - A Mister Rogers remix, a broken NES, and a cold bottle of racism

Returning from a bike ride through the neighborhood with my little guy this morning, I was thrilled to find that John D. Boswell had done it again. You may remember a year ago at this time when Mister Rogers was autotuned into the remixed Garden of Your Mind. Back at it again, John D. Boswell has put together another gem for PBS Digital Studios -- Sing Together.

There's a little more about Boswell and his remixes on my out-of-control hobby site, The Neighborhood Archive.

While the girls served me a pretend meal in the basement, I decided to fire up the Nintendo for a bit. The Nintendo had other ideas as it chose today to seemingly crap out on me. The pin connector inside the system was replaced a few years back but I'm hopeful that another replacement will fix the problem. Any NES experts have any ideas? I'd love a simple, cheap, and quick fix if possible.


The kiddos nap time allowed me to head to a nearby antique shop that I stop by once every few months just to snoop around. It's not your typical antique store where everything is pristine and polished -- that's why I like it.

Some of the sights...

A shelf full of sock monkeys and some overpriced promotional glasses.


An E.T. party hat and a Dallas puzzle.


Some Scuff Kote polish (I liked the artwork...reminded me a little of the old Dennis the Menace cups from Dairy Queen) and a Muppet Babies lunch box.


An A-Team lunch box and a Bionic Woman thermos.


A giant homemade beer drinking cup and a shelf packed with bottles...


...including Pleasure Time and a bottle full of racism.


I was tempted to buy this picture of the "happy Christians" (couldn't find a picture of the angry Christians) but decided to keep it simple and went home with a Tab bottle.


When I got home, I had a small package in the mailbox -- a new Track Size Neighborhood Trolley. Now I have three. My wife says I don't need three. BUT THEY'RE ALL DIFFERENT!


After a late afternoon and evening around the house, the kiddos were in bed and I was off to take in Game 1 of the NBA Finals with some friends.

With the Knicks out of contention, I guess I'm pulling for the Spurs here. Even though the Heat earned some points in my book with their awesome Harlem Shake video and I do have a man-crush on Chris Andersen, I have to respect the quiet but effective style of San Antonio.

On a side note, I visited my friend at Wake Forest in the spring of 1995 and saw Tim Duncan eating a tray full of Taco Bell. He was wearing a Cypress Hill shirt.

Yeah. I'm rooting for the Spurs.

The Summer of Tim continues...


leftylimbo said...

Whoa! Aren't the A-Team lunch box and Bionic Woman thermos worth $$$? Crazy! Love thrift stores, always been my second home.

TL said...

Not worth as much as you might think. Especially since most stuff in this place is pretty overpriced.