The Summer of Tim: Day 7

DAY 7 - June 7 - Waffles, cheap CDs, and coloring book Mr. T

A late start this morning meant a late breakfast. That didn't stop us from firing up the waffle iron though. It's weird. I don't care for pancakes but I love waffles. And now you know that.


The weather here has been absolutely wonderful for the past week or so -- sunny skies and highs in the 70s. After a good chunk of the morning spent in the yard taking care of important things like building a small castle out of extra bricks and discovering the world's tiniest slug under a rock, I was off to Goodwill. Hadn't been there in a while and was feeling the need to look at the same junk I always see when I'm there. I always hear stories about people finding great things at their local Goodwill -- but not at mine. Unless you're looking for clothes or Disney movies on VHS, you're pretty much out of luck.

Today though, a bin had been filled with CDs, VHS tapes, and books with a sign on the side declaring an all out clearance -- fifty cents each. With such a cheap price tag, I grabbed a few CDs that I'd probably never pay full price for, but for fifty cents...why not?

Yeah. That's a TLC album. Shut up.

When we recently celebrated my brother's birthday at the Schlafly Tap Room in St. Louis, a friend of ours was very clear about the distinct taste of Schlafly's Flanders Red. Although some may question his taste comparison, I felt like I needed some answers directly from the source.

No response yet other than Schlafly now follows me on Twitter. Stay tuned.

It also happens to be flea market weekend at the market I visit most often. The girls had plans with my wife so the dudes took off for the flea market where I didn't find much, but at least what I found was fun.


I'm quite certain that there is not much in this world more awesome than coloring book Mr. T.

The Summer of Tim continues...


Derek Ash said...

I literally AGONIZED over buying that EXACT same Norah Jones CD at my Goodwill today, but ultimately put it back. I'm so regretting not buying it right now so this story would be more interesting.

TL said...

Go back and get it tomorrow. I've listened to it twice today and it's wonderful!

Hobgoblin238 said...

Wifey and I love Norah Jones...

Traveling Pics said...

I love foxes, they are beautiful smart creatures, and I wish I culd see more of them when traveling.
But my favorite was the Mr. T coloring book. it shows that a tought guy can have a big warm heart too!