The Summer of Tim: Day 8

DAY 8 - June 8 - A fox, garage sales, and a 0.0 mile run

Two things were bound to happen. First, I'm barely a week into the summer and I already have no clue what day of the week it is. That's such an awesome feeling. Second, a semi-lazy summer day was coming sooner or later...although there are certainly much lazier days to come. Trust me.

I headed out early today to check out some garage sales on my way to an electronics recycling event across town -- I'd been carrying around some old junk in the trunk of my car for several weeks now and was glad to get rid of it all. Keeping in mind that I live in a mostly urban/suburban area, I was surprised to see a fox on my way through one neighborhood (with his breakfast in his mouth).


That's not important. What is important is all of the junk I picked up for just under three bucks.

I actually spent four dollars this morning but part of that was on a glass of lemonade and a cookie from a kid selling snacks at his parents' garage sale. Somebody once told me to never turn down a kid selling anything that's homemade. When I heard the kid ask another garage sale shopper if he'd like some lemonade and was completely ignored in response, I had no choice.

Fifty cents for the cookie. A quarter for the lemonade. Keep the change.

After lunch, the kiddos crashed after a late night last night and I won't lie -- I wasted the afternoon away in grand fashion. Two hours of watching City Guys episodes on YouTube. Really.

I see a handful of people post on Twitter and Facebook about their physical activity. You know what I'm talking about: "I just ran 114 miles in six minutes. Check out the pattern I made with the route I ran." That kind of stuff. Thoroughly enjoying my lazy afternoon, I made myself laugh by sharing my own workout details.

With the kids fully rested, we hit the yard for some fun before throwing together some dinner (our friend Cynthia's sesame noodles, for anyone who's interested).


Man. It's been a rough day. Time to relax.

The Summer of Tim continues...


Derek Ash said...

Tim, I can't explain it but I am weirdly invested emotionally in "The Summer of Tim". You have a guaranteed reader every day this Summer. I am waiting on pins and needles to find out what happens to you tomorrow. I wish I was being sarcastic or ironic or something here.

I assure you I am not.

I am extremely jealous of the Big Bird's Busy Book by the way. My own stack of old Sesame Street literature is steadily growing taller and taller with each trip to Goodwill.

And kudos on the lemonade and cookie by. My 4 year old son desperately wants to do a lemonade stand when we finally get around to having our yard-sale, and I think I will be crushed if someone ignores him like that person you described.

TL said...


I seriously just started this to keep myself from wasting the summer away -- pretending everyone was reading but knowing full-well that no one was.

That Big Bird book is in great shape. Not bad for the 25 cents I paid for it!

Rich said...

I love not knowing what day it is. Are you a teacher?

TL said...

Sort of. I taught high school social studies for two years and have spent the last ten years as a guidance counselor.