The Summer of Tim: Days 11-12

DAY 11 - June 11 - Summer at its finest

When I think about summer, I think about days like this. It was a lazy morning and a lazy evening with an afternoon at my in-law's pool sandwiched in between.

DAY 12 - June 12 - SOLD!

After an early morning trip to the dentist and my wife and daughters spending the morning at a weekly gardening camp at a local park, I headed out to check out a new shop I just recently caught wind of.


When I stopped in at Vintage Villains recently, I learned that Live Action Games was just up the road from my house.

Wait. What?

There's a shop within five minutes of my house that sells nothing but vintage games? How was I not aware of this until now?!?!

With my NES recently crapped out on me, I stopped in at the shop to pick up a new pin connector which easily solved my problem. The shop itself showed a lot of promise. I'll definitely be back.


At work, a co-worker retired at the end of this past school year and I moved into her office. A new office needs a new look so I'm abandoning my Chicago Cubs decor of my old office and piecing together some stuff for my new digs. Pun completely intended ("piecing together"), the first item I've decided on for my new office is a puzzle my wife bought me for Christmas last year. I spent the better part of the afternoon putting it together in preparation for gluing and framing.


While putting together the puzzle, I took a listen to the new Bob Schneider album that just came out this week. Not his best stuff but still pretty good.

Here's where things get crazy.

With three kids and only two bedrooms to put them in, my wife and I tried to have our daughters share a room. This, in a nutshell, has been a disaster and so late this past spring we put our house on the market in hopes of moving to a home with an additional bedroom. After learning a two-month lesson in patience, we got an offer last night and (after some negotiations) came to an agreement.

Our house is now sold.

So we now have until the end of July to find, buy, and move in to a new home.

The Summer of Tim just got hectic...but it continues nonetheless...


leftylimbo said...

Wow. Congrats on the sale of your home, I'm sure it's exciting…but yup, the pressure's on! I'm sure you'll pull through. Besta luck!

Cool deal with the LP spine puzzle. Funny how back in the day, all we needed to see was that tiny sliver of a spine in order to ID our records. You always knew exactly what the spine of your fav disc looked like!

TL said...

My kids used to call records "big CDs." Ugh.

Rich said...

Congrats on the sale! Gook luck with the move. Sounds like the Summer is Tim is moving along nicely. Six more schools days left for me....

Jay said...

Congratulations on the sale - & good luck on the hunt for new digs!

Re: [B]ig CDs - Years ago, after watching a documentary on the early years of rock n' roll, I had to explain what records were to my son - & pretty much described them to him as big CDs.