The Summer of Tim: Days 13 and beyond

DAY 13 AND BEYOND... - June 13... - Real life is getting in the way

It was inevitable. Real life is getting in the way of the Summer of Tim. You may have noticed that I am several days behind now in documenting my summer break, but for good reason. As quickly as we sold our house, we found and settled on another.

So needless to say, the Summer of Tim has become the summer of packing and moving. Having just drawn in a handful of new readers to my "exciting" life of mundane activity, I regret that these posts will likely be slowing down significantly as real life takes priority. I'm not saying they'll stop, but they'll definitely slow down.

Rest assured knowing that the Summer of Tim's just a whole lot less exciting to read about now (unless you're in to cardboard boxes and packaging tape).


Derek Ash said...


Jay said...

...& what if some of us *are* into cardboard boxes & packing tape?

I mean, not me, per se, but, y'know...a friend of mine.

Rich said...

Good luck with the move and congrats on the new digs!

leftylimbo said...

No prob, Tim. Do what you gotta do, we'll leave the light on for ya. I was way more prolific on blogging before my real life kicked in as well.

Cardboard boxes eh? I used to make spaceships and space stations out of those when I was a kid. Nothing was better than having a big ol' empty appliance box to turn into my own cosmic craft. And when I had more than one? Yippee! Multi-stage!