At the Drive-In...

The Summer of Tim continues as my wife and I took our girls to the drive-in last night to see Monsters University. With the movie not even starting until two full hours after they're usually in bed, the girls were high on life as they devoured cotton candy and popcorn while neglecting the idea of a decent bedtime.


After a late night followed by a little extra sleep this morning, I sit here enjoying my fourth cup of coffee as I think about just how under-appreciated the drive-in theater really is. As my mind wanders even further, I recall some of my favorite drive-in moments...

...on TV and in movies.

Saved By the Bell - Driver's Education

Slater is about the get his driver's license and Zack can't help but think that he's lost Kelly for sure.


Full House - Five's a Crowd

With D.J. at the drive-in with a guy who has one thing on his mind, the guys head out to twart his plans.


ALF - Stop in the Name of Love

ALF shows up in the back seat when Lynn goes on a date with a guy who looks a little like Danny Wood from the New Kids on the Block.


Cheers - The Last Picture Show

Cliff, Norm, and Woody take in a movie as the local drive-in plans to close for good. Frazier stows away in the trunk.


Married...With Children - No Chicken, No Check

Bud and Kelly combine their funds and buy a car together before sharing it on a tense double-date at the drive-in.


Pee-Wee's Big Adventure

Pee-Wee proudly watches the feature film about his Adventures with those who helped inspire the story. Paging Mr. Herman...


One Crazy Summer

Hoops goes on a nervous date with Cookie while Teddy has vang shoo class.


All of this and more ran through my head last night as we all huddled under a blanket and watched the movie.

A late night. Some tired kids (and parents). A stomach ache compliments of too much junk food.

All completely worth it.

The Summer of Tim continues...


Derek Ash said...

Awww... so completely jealous you guys still have a drive-in theater in your neck of the woods. Would love to be able to take my kids out to one. I remember going to see An American Werewofl in London (and being terrified) as a child with my Aunt and Mother... I was mostl excited to be in the car in the middle of the night, playing with my toys in the back seat. I also saw E.T. at the drive-in for the first time.

They do a big-screen projector film-series in the city park near here in the Summer time. We saw the Muppets there last year. It was reminiscent... but not quite the same.

My favorite pop-culture memories of Drive-in movies all have to come from films themselves though. Monster Squad, The Explorers, and One Crazy Summer have some of my most vivid Drive-in moments.

Tintod said...

Long live the drive-in! I'm so glad that some are still kicking and folks are still turning out. I just wrote a blog post about catching a double feature of World War Z and Man of Steel; the drive-in was packed to capacity. I think it's a great memory that your girls will look back on fondly.