Ranking the Run DMC Discography

Today marks 25 years since the release of Run DMC's album Tougher Than Leather. After a recent Run DMC-saturated conversation with Pax from Nerd Lunch and Matt from Schlock Treatment (who, by the way, is quickly becoming one of my favorite people on the internet...sorry Guy), it's time to rank all seven Run DMC albums from most ill to most wack (yeah, that's what I said).

Pax posted his rankings today in great detail. I will do mine in six words each.

1. Run DMC (self-titled)

Unparalleled and groundbreaking old school style.

2. Raising Hell

Introduced rap music to the masses.

3. Tougher Than Leather

Impressive rhymes mixed with some duds.

4. King of Rock

Sucker MCs should call me sire.

5. Down with the King

Bald heads replace derbies and blazers.

6. Back From Hell

Run DMC sucks at gangsta rap.

7. Crown Royal

A sad attempt to stay popular.

Tune in to an extra helping of Nerd Lunch coming soon where Matt and I join Pax in dissecting Tougher Than Leather and talking about the musical influence of Run DMC.

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