Scientific Super Bowl XLVIII Predictions

I know approximately 822 people named Matt. Today, with Super Bowl XLVIII just hours away, one of these Matts and I took a few minutes from our afternoon to scientifically predict the outcome of today's big game.

Matt is a Packers fan and I am an Eagles fan so neither of us has any specific allegiance to the teams playing in today's game. We played a single round of Rock-Paper-Scissors and the winner picked which team he would represent -- the Denver Broncos or the Seattle Seahawks.

For the record, Matt won and chose the Broncos.

Round 1. Names in a hat.

Two pieces of paper were placed into a hat -- one for each team. One paper was drawn to reveal the predicted winner.

My wife pulled a paper from the hat predicting that Denver will win the Super Bowl.

Round 2. Electric football.

Plastic players representing each team were arranged on the field of my mid-80s electric football game (purchased on clearance at Wal-Mart for 8 dollars when I was a kid). I've often thought about getting rid of this game as it's large and not easy to store; however, the Super Bowl must be predicted accurately so year after year, it stays.

Since players just move randomly around the field when the game is turned on, the first player from either team to enter the correct end zone was declared the winner. Seattle was red. Denver was yellow.

Electric football predicted Denver will win.

Round 3. NES Tecmo Super Bowl.

A more accurate prediction of the big game could not come from any other method besides a four-quarter game of Tecmo Super Bowl.

After a solid fourth quarter effort by Denver that came up just short, Seattle won this contest.

So there you have it folks, the tests don't lie. Two of the three scientific predictors indicated that Denver will win this year's Super Bowl. Place your bets now that you have been properly informed.

Oh. And this guy will be the MVP.


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