Day 03: Ultimate Warrior, Pneumonia, Brond James

This particular Sunday morning started of as any other would, but quickly our little guy took a turn for the worse. One second he was playing and living up the two-year-old life. The next he was standing in place crying. And aching. And getting warmer by the second.

I headed out to pick up the girls at the half-way point between here and Indy -- Veedersberg, IN -- which happens to be the hometown of the Ultimate Warrior (RIP).

The girls completely knocked out on the way home after a fun sleepover with their cousins, and we arrived home to find out that Mason had been to the doctor and has a minor case of pneumonia. Awesome. A great start to the summer, huh?

He clung to my wife for a majority of the day and everyone hit the sack early. Everyone but me. I stayed up to watch Brond James pull the Heat into a tie with the Spurs.

[NOTE: I totally want the Spurs to win this series, but this video is amazing.]

The Summer of Tim continues…

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