Day 04: Scorchers, A Gut Bomb, Summer Mode

Okay. So I really had one more day of work before summer was officially underway. I closed the book on the 2013-2014 school year and left my office for the last time until August.

Commence summer mode.

After a run through the Taco Bell drive-thru for a quick gut bomb (AKA, late lunch), it was time to get the summer underway. And what better way to do so than… stop at AutoZone for oil and a filter before heading home to change the oil in the CR-V. Hey. Nobody said the Summer of Tim was going to be a thrill ride.

I was pretty happy to get home when I did because I was able to meet my oldest daughter as she got off the bus from her last day of kindergarten. Speaking of kids, pumped full of antibiotics, the sick kiddo is on the rebound so I think we’re headed in the good direction there.


In even less important news, the mail brought some fun stuff today -- a CD of Jason & the Scorchers rarities and a recording of a musical remembrance of Fred Rogers from 2004. Have you heard these Scorchers? They could change your musical lives. Seriously.

The Summer of Tim continues…

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