Day 06: Binge Watching, Fun Beer Names, Comfort Music

The crappy weather continues. Cold and rainy is not exactly the kind of weather I'd hope for to get my summer off to a good start. Despite the drizzle, the cool temperatures, and their blue lips when they came out of the water, the girls' swim lessons were not cancelled today. As for Mason, I don't think we're completely out of the woods just yet, but today was the best day he's had since he got sick on Sunday.

I need a new show to binge-watch. My wife and I finished Breaking Bad about a week ago (which was awesome!) but I haven't been able to find that next show that I want to watch from start to finish. I've got my go-to shows that I put on when I want some background noise or something to fall asleep to (Cheers, The Wonder Years, Leave It To Beaver), but I need something to get into the way my grandma used to get into her afternoon soaps. I'm thinking maybe The Greatest American Hero.

Have you seen this? A Back to the Future themed beer called "Malty McFly"?!

This is the best name for a beer since Yeastie Boys and MMM Hops!

The Spurs stuck it to Brond James and the Heat last night. Pretty awesome. Game 3 was a perfect example of a basketball theory that I have spent a majority of my 30s teaching to the masses. I call it the "3rd Quarter Run."

My theory is simple. In nearly every NBA game, a pivotal run takes place during the third quarter that significantly affects the momentum of the game. It may not affect the outcome, but the momentum shifts. For example, in last night's game, the Heat entered the second half down by 20+ points and were able to chip their deficit down to single digits in the third quarter. Although they did not ultimately win the game, this run in the third quarter certainly shifted the momentum in their favor for a short time and the Spurs responded. I don't know how many times I've seen teams up big in the first half but the third quarter rolls around and their lead is gone. I always say, watch out for the #3rdQuarterRun.

Have you seen this commercial from If you're a Dukes of Hazzard fan, you'll love every second.

I wonder how long my beard would be if I didn't shave all summer?

Almost exactly five years ago, my mom was nearing the end of her battle with a malignant brain tumor and my brother and I joined our parents on a trip to meet with some specialists from Duke University. While we were in Durham, he and I left the hotel one night and found two things that we both enjoy more than about anything in life -- a Waffle House and an independent record store. In addition to the pile of awesome I ate at Waffle House that stormy night, I headed back to the hotel with a CD by John Dee Holeman that I purchased on a whim (along with the self-titled Tinted Windows album).

I've been listening to this CD a lot this week. Maybe it's the general time of year. Maybe it's because I know I'm nearing the five-year anniversary of losing my mom. Either way, there's a strange comfort that comes from this album.

One that I can't explain.

One that I won't dispute.

The Summer of Tim continues...

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