Day 07: Insomnia, Sunny Reading, Gutter Sense

For most of my adult life, I've had odd sleeping patters...mostly by choice. I have this rule that if I wake up, regardless of what time it is, if I don't fall back asleep within ten minutes, I get up. Might as well do something besides lay there and stare at the wall. Mason has been feeling better but after being sick, he's off his routine. He woke up in the night around 11:30 which, of course, woke up my wife and me. Once he went back to sleep, so did she. But not me. I was awake.

So what does a person do when they're awake all night?

I started by watching the ESPN 30 for 30 about Tonya Harding. Classy, I know. Then some work on my websites and some reading followed by a 5am trip to the store for a few essentials. Driving through a very foggy morning, it was just after 6am when I headed home and I passed Taco Bell with its lights beckoning me to try something from the new breakfast menu.

So I pulled in the drive-thru and waited. And waited. And waited.


Sorry, Taco Bell. I didn't want to try it that bad.

Charlotte's swim lessons continued and the weather was perfect. Well, maybe a little cold for her in the water -- but perfect for me sitting in the sun with a book.

Glancing up from my book at one point, I saw a kid laying underneath the chair his mom was sitting in -- her back side hovering inches from his face. All I could think of was this scene from One Crazy Summer.

The mail brought two interesting things today. First was a contraption called Gutter Sense.

The idea is pretty simple, attach it to a long extension pole, insert the tongs into your gutter, pull the string, and remove debris from your gutter -- all from the ground. A great idea in theory -- pretty poor in practice. I found this thing to work okay on first floor gutters but that's not why I wanted it. I needed something to allow me to clean the second floor gutters without being inches away from plummeting face-first to the ground. This thing just didn't work as well or as easily as advertised.

I'll be returning it for a refund.

The mail also brought two issues of Around the Neighborhood -- the newsletter published in the early 1970s by Family Communications, the company which produced Mister Rogers' Neighborhood. The issues came with the original envelope that one was sent in as well as a poster of the Neighborhood of Make-Believe characters.

I've been covering the two-year run of these newsletters on the Neighborhood Archive over the past few weeks with several left to go. My coverage has been mostly based on scans I took from someone else's collection. It's nice to have two more of my own.

By the time Game 4 of the NBA finals rolled around, I was beat. I made it through the whole game though and hit the sack right around the point where I'd been awake for a full 24 hours. Needless to say, I slept well.

The Summer of Tim continues...

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