Day 10: Casey Kasem, Father's Day, Limes

Casey Kasem died today so I'd like to start off by taking a moment to reflect on his biggest pop culture contribution.

Moving on, today was Father's Day so I got to sleep in a little bit. And by sleep in, I mean 7:30.

It's still a little strange for me to think that I am on the "father" end of Father's Day -- even after six years. My first instinct is to think of my own dad, seen below in a shot of us in 1977. I'll be 38 this summer and my dad continues to be more and more of a role model to me every day.

The cards and hugs were great, but the highlight of my Father's Day had to have been the songs my daughters made up for me.

So cute. Reminded me a little of this...only cuter.

Either way, we spent a good majority of the day at my in-law's enjoying the sun, the pool, and a few drinks.




On a side note, let me tell you that (according to my old pal Derek), a lime "makes all the difference" when it comes to a good gin and tonic. While I whole-heartedly agree with this, Derek also feels that gin and tonic is only a Christmastime drink.

Derek is wrong.

Watching San Antonio dismantle the Heat one last time capped off a beautiful day with my beautiful family.

The Summer of Tim continues...

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