Day 11: Hurricane Katrina, Tony Gwynn, Amazing Pizza

The guys returned first this morning to wrap up work on our sliding door. For some reason I was under the impression that it was only going to take them a few hours to wrap up it (legitimately) ended up taking all day. Either way, the door is done, the floor is fixed, and both look great!

For you, as the reader...thrilling...I know.

I've been on a big Spike Lee kick lately and came across a documentary that he did about the aftermath and response to Hurricane Katrina.

It's not quite Do the Right Thing, but I've yet to see anything that Spike has done that wasn't worth watching. This one comes in at around 4 1/2 hours so it may be a while before I make the time to watch it. Not really the kind of topic you want to stretch out over multiple days.

Tony Gwynn died today which kind of bothers me. Throughout my life, sports heroes have died from the generation before me...but now my childhood heroes are passing away. Makes me want to dig through my baseball cards and pull out all of my Tony Gwynn stuff. I'll settle for popping the top off my cup of coins.

We capped off the evening last night with pizza from my favorite place in town -- Jet's Pizza. You don't know unless you try it, but do you remember how Pizza Hut used to be with their oily and slightly-burned-cheese crust? Multiply that amount of awesome by ten and you have Jet's.


As we were preparing for dinner, it occurred to us that the uneaten brats from the night before were still on the grill. Awesome.

Lastly, the World Cup is underway and I'm pretty sure I could not care any less. Soccer is a sport that I think you have to have played as a kid in order to enjoy as an adult. But somehow, this sport that America turns its nose up to becomes less boring for a month when the World Cup rolls around. Everybody's a soccer fan for a few weeks.

Me? Meh.

The Summer of Tim continues...

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Rich said...

I felt the same way about Tony. That pizza looks legit btw!