Day 13: Beach Cop, Dead Fish, The Huxtables

Another hot day today. After helping a friend move for a few hours in the morning, I spent the afternoon taking care of my Summer School problem I mentioned yesterday. Even after seeing this movie dozens of times in the past, I actually noticed something new this time around.

You remember the scene where Chainsaw and Dave are stopped by the beach cops for drinking and Mr. Shoop takes the blame? One of those beach cops looked familiar.

Thanks to the trusty IMDB, I quickly realized why he was so familiar -- he was from another movie I've seen more times than I can count.

Speaking of the Karate Kid, the 30th anniversary of its release is coming up on Sunday. More on that later.

We had a bit of a tragedy in our house yesterday as we said goodbye to two of our five goldfish. I knew from the start that this was likely to happen but in the eyes of a six-year-old, it's not that simple. Charlotte and I buried Henry and Lola in the backyard (and just to be clear, Henry and Lola are goldfish) and marked the spot with a special stone.

I gave her the option of this sort of burial (a la Mister Rogers) or the less formal burial at sea (a la Cliff Huxtable).

While Charlotte had a hard time saying goodbye to the two fish, even after having had them for only a day, Anna was a little less interested: "Maybe we could eat fish tonight. Get it?! EAT FISH!"

Charlotte was not entertained.

The Summer of Tim continues...


Rich said...

Thanks for the heads up on Karate Kid being 30. I'm going to Philly comic con this Saturday and Ralph is gonna be there :) Def get his autograph!

TL said...

Dang...can't say I'm not a little jealous, Rich!