Day 14: Iron Man, Dollar Records, Adventures in Babysitting

Another tragedy today. Iron Man is dead. We're now down to two (seemingly healthy at this time) goldfish.

This afternoon I had the chance to do something that I like to do a few times a year. With the kids busy or napping and my wife holding down the fort, I'm afforded the opportunity to go to the local record store and dig through the boxes of dollar records.

Going in knowing full well that I'm going to drop 10 or 15 bucks on random records, I always find something fun. This time around, here's what I came home with:


My dad has always been a big Lone Ranger fan so I had to drop a buck on this one. And the Cars? Some of my favorite music from the 80s.


The Beach Boys album included "Papa Ooo Mow Mow" -- one of my favorite childhood songs. Funkadelic.'s Funkadelic.


I've always loved the Monkees and this album -- although in pretty rough shape -- includes one of my favorite Monkees songs ("Star Collector"). Champaign? I live in Champaign. I bought the record in Champaign. It was recorded in Urbana. No brainer.

Hee Haw, ya'll. Hee Haw. And how about Chunky A -- Arsenio Hall's comedic response to Heavy D.


I can never pass on Sesame Street records -- although I'll probably give these to my brother who has more of an appreciation for the Muppets than I do.


We had this Mickey Mouse Club record when we were kids and, quite honestly, I already owned two copies of this album. But this one still had the bonus poster inside, people. Welcome to my collection Copy #3. And The Boys? If you don't know "Dial My Heart", that's your problem.

A few honorable mentions that stayed put at the record store...


They only wanted a dollar for Million Dollar Country. Quite a deal but I had to pass. And Dick Johnson? Really? Dick Johnson? Could be worse, I guess. His name could be Penis McSchlong.


Speaking of which, I passed on this Tubby the Tuba album but it was certainly worth a mention as it's a much more "conservative" version of a record that is proudly a part of my collection already. Don't tell me you don't see it. DON'T TELL ME YOU DON'T SEE IT! And Instant Funk...had it not been for the stamps all over the jacket and the fact that this would have been 13 albums I was buying, you'd be in my house right now.


I spent a few hours of the evening helping my friend finish up his move. I swore last summer when we moved that I would never turn down a friend's request for help moving ever again. An extra set of hands just makes the move go that much faster and we had so much help last summer that I could never say thanks enough.

Wiped out, I headed home, showered, and joined my wife on the couch as we watched a cinematic classic -- Adventures in Babysitting.

I'm telling you, IMDB is the greatest thing in the world when it comes to passing the time while watching a movie you think you know well. I hadn't seen Adventures in Babysitting in years and was pretty surprised as I took a glance through the listed cast on IMDB.

Bradley Whitford was Chris' boyfriend?!? What?


The guy from Dazed and Confused was Daryl?


Private Pyle from Full Metal Jacket was the Thor guy at the end?!?! WHAT?!?! Mind blown.


How have I never made these connections before?!

My eyes are now open.

The Summer of Tim continues...


phairhead said...

Wow! Private Pyle really gets around :)

TL said...

I still can't believe I've never made these connections before. Especially Private Pyle!

Derek Ash said...

I want to read about some sort of Lone Ranger / Shadow crossover. I know the time periods would have been totally wrong… but the idea of old pulp heroes and old western heroes meeting just tickles me.