Day 16: Sun, Upside-Down Truck, Neighborhood Autographs

After spending the morning helping another friend move, I joined my family at my in-law's pool for an afternoon in the sun. Nothing out of the ordinary really. Nothing except this truck that I saw this morning.

This isn't my picture -- it's one I happened to find online. I was driving at the time I saw it and before I had the chance to park, dig out my phone, and snap a picture, the truck was gone.

I got some terrific mail today. I had recently been in touch with Chuck Aber who spent years as Neighbor Aber on Mister Rogers' Neighborhood (many of you are aware of my Neighborhood Archive project) and he was kind enough to send me a signed photo not only of himself, but he set me up with autographs from Joe Negri (Handyman Negri) and Maggie Stewart (Mayor Maggie), as well!

It's looking like Carmelo Anthony's days in New York are numbered. I may not speak for all Knicks fans when I say this, but I'm caring less about this every day. Phil Jackson deserves the reputation he has and the respect he has within the NBA community. Like him or hate him, Phil Jackson is the real deal. Sorry, Melo. I put my trust in Phil when he says the Knicks are moving forward with or without you.

The Summer of Tim continues...

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Derek Ash said...

That is awesome. I genuinely love your passion for the show.