Day 22: Flat Tire, Back Pain, Breakdance Instruction

Am I seriously this old?!?

I thought throwing your back out was something reserved for old people on TV. I guess not. Either that or I'm older than I thought.

Changing a tire this morning, I went to pick up the flat and knew immediately that it was going to be a long day. For the record, I was stupid. I picked the thing up without using my legs in any way. All back. All stupid.

Although I was able to get the tire fixed and mow our yard before the full pain set in, my suspicions were correct and I spent the rest of the day stuck on the couch. Useless and immobile.

Now let me be clear. I'm not talking about a sore back like you would have when you haven't used certain muscles in a while (like a person might feel after playing tennis for the first time in five years). I'm talking about "can't stand up from a sitting position without pain shooting down my leg and up my spine" soreness.

So with nothing more than that excitement to share with you, let me give you something worth your while like this 1984 instructional breakdance video.

The Summer of Tim continues...


robohara said...

I knew I was old the day I discovered a bruise on my hip that I could trace back to lying on the floor, watching television. Yes. I hurt myself watching television.

That breakdancing video is a blast from the past. I know I saw that as a kid. I can't remember if we rented it or was packaged in with something else. Who could forget that striped shirt doing the body wave!?

TL said...

Seriously, Rob. We're not that old. This type of thing is only supposed to happen on the Cosby Show, right?

Derek Ash said...

I have hurt my back: 1) Sleeping on the bus 2) STANDING at work 3) playing frisbee (wait for it) with my 5 year old, who stands literally 3 feet away from me 4) sitting on the floor organizing books/comics/action figures too long...

And to be clear I am 35 and I'm also talking about the agonizing, sharp pain that makes you audibly gasp and or moan and pause for a moment to let it abate enough to continue moving... stiffly.

I am so out of shape and obviously dying.