Day 23: Dead Fish, Jesse Camp, Flat Footin'

Fish are dead. All five of them. Can't say I'm surprised.

But our garden is very much alive! We planted our garden a little later than we should have so it's not producing quite as much as we'd hoped. Still, what's coming in looks great!


Remember Jesse Camp? The guy who won the MTV Wanna Be a VJ contest back in 1998? Yahoo ran a where-is-he now type article on him today which reminded me of the one clip I remember of Jesse that I still find hilarious even 15+ years later: "I never heard of Buffy the Vampire...but whatever...I LOVE Slayer!"

The mail brought my Saved by the Bell books that I picked up a few nights ago for cheap in a late-night eBay purchase.

I often wonder what my wife thinks of me as I sit next to her on the couch or lay next to her in bed reading books intended for 12-year-old girls. Whatever.

Mister SeƱor Love Daddy predicted a hot muggy day for today so we fired up the sprinkler for the kids before dinner. Not exactly sure what Mason's doing there...

I mentioned John Dee Holeman a few weeks ago and came across this collection of videos on YouTube this evening. Maybe one of the best things I've seen since Grafitti Rock.

The Summer of Tim continues...


Derek Ash said...

I used to (and still occasionally do I guess...) try to get my wife enthused about the old, geeky nostalgic stuff I would find at Goodwill. Old Ghostbusters books or even the Castle Greyskull I found there for a couple of bucks... to no avail. She just doesn't understand my impulses and impetuses. To her credit, she will at least try to feign interest... but I don't think she has ever been as genuinely interested in anything I have shown her as I always seem to be, and I know she questions my sanity and maturity from time to time. She never questions our relationship (I don't think) but she questions whether or not she has secretly married a 12 year old.

TL said...

Derek: According to my wife, she can relate all too well!