Day 24: Nachos, Soccer Hair, Propaganda

You want to know the most exciting thing that happened today? We had nachos for lunch.

Obviously a pretty mellow day.

The FIFA World Cup is big news right now and I have to admit, soccer doesn't do much for me. I think it's because I never played soccer as a kid like a lot of people I know. I was thinking about something I mentioned on Twitter today:

Think I'm kidding?

Now don't get me wrong. I may have never played soccer in my life, but I used to be the guy with the hair myself.

In other important news, I was surprised to find out today that Propaganda's new album is out already. Not sure how that one slipped by me. Knowing my love of good hip-hop, my friend Chad got me hooked on Propaganda a few years ago. His style is unique -- often more poetic than musical.

I was checking out the new album on Spotify and came across this track -- one that may hit a little close to home for any of you, like myself, working in education.

Coincidentally, Propaganda will be here in town later this week as part of the AudioFeed Festival. Hoping to catch that show for sure.

The Summer of Tim continues...

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Rich said...

Lol, the guy with the hair