Day 25: Lego Movie, Andy D, Guilty Pleasures

One of the movie theaters in town was playing the Lego Movie this morning for a buck a head so we loaded the kids in the van and headed to the movies. Mason was pretty amazed -- not with the giant screen or loud sounds so much as with the fact that he got to see Lego Batman for a solid hour.

The girls hung out at friends' houses this afternoon and Mason took his nap. I'd like to say I was completely lazy today but I wound up doing a few hours of actual work for my real job as a school counselor. Not work like sitting on the deck and thinking about weeding the garden type work.

Amy had a meeting this evening so with the kids in bed, I was left to watch Andy D videos and have an email conversation with my pal Matt (different Matt) about guilty pleasure songs. I define guilty pleasure songs as one that if you were in the shower, home alone, and it came on the radio, you'd belt it out like you were on stage in front of a crowd of thousands. On the other hand, if someone asked you if you like that particular song, your response would be a sheepish "maybe."

My top three guilty pleasure songs (that I'd let loose in the shower any day...home alone or not)...

Honorable mentions go to George Michael's Monkey, Bad Company's How About That, and Looking Glass' Brandy (You're a Fine Girl).

The Summer of Tim continues...

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