The Summer of Tim (v2K14)

As many of you know, I work in public education -- a profession that may not pay the most but provides an unbelievable benefit known as a thing called "summer break."

Last summer, I had a plan to document my sixty-some days of summer break here on FASTE but that effort was quickly cut short due to the sale of my family's home after a few months on the market. Fast-forward a year, and here I am again -- headed into a new summer break, having abandoned this site since March, and considering another shot at documenting my days off of work. As I said last summer, my goal in doing so isn't necessarily to share what I'm doing on a day-by-day basis, but more so to hold myself accountable for doing something half-way productive each day with my time away from work.

So, folks, let the Summer of Tim (v2K14) begin!


Rich said...

Nice, I'll be reading up! I'm done the 19th so almost!

TL said...

Summer of Tim. Readership: 1.

Derek Ash said...

As you know from last time around, Tim, I am as excited as a schoolgirl about this. There's something about vicariously living through your summer break that makes me feel ridiculously content, nostalgic, excited, and entertained. I've just read all this backwards from day 19, and will be keeping up from there on.

Have an excellent summer, man.

TL said...

Glad to have you along for the ride, Derek!