Day 28: Best Autograph Ever, Lego Organization, 50-50

If the Summer of Tim was a contest, my friend Derek would be winning.

After seeing the autographs I had recieved a few weeks ago from three members of the Mister Rogers' Neighborhood cast, Derek felt that my collection was lacking and sent me an autographed photo that I didn't even realize that I wanted.

A photo of himself.

I'm thinking about selling it on eBay for a bajillion dollars.

In other news from today that does not involve mowing the yard or driving back from my dad's house, I think my wife is crazy. A package was delivered while we were gone which contained a set of plastic drawers that she had ordered.

Drawers perfect for organizing small objects.

Small objects such as Legos.

Yes, FASTE readers, my wife spent the better part of the afternoon "helping" my daughters sort their Legos by color and organizing them into drawers.

Labeled drawers.

Here she is proudly taking a photo of their work while our brainwashed daughters happily pose with their color-sorted Legos.

The new Propaganda album arrived today.

About 50-50 on whether or not to go see him Saturday night. I have a hard time paying more than 15 or 20 bucks to see anybody and I'd have to drop 30 bucks on a full day pass for the festival to see Propaganda play an hour-long set at the very end of the day. Fifty-fifty.

The Summer of Tim continues...


Derek Ash said...

Are you talking about me?

I feel stupid asking this because I feel like there is probably some other Derek you know and that's who you are talking about.

That's not me. You're talking about a different Derek, yes? Because I am honestly, no bull-oney not kidding when I say I did not send that to you. That's not me.

TL said...

HA! No, Derek (the one in the autographed picture) is a friend of mine from college.

susanwilliams01 said...

Maybe you can go see Propaganda with birthday money from your mother-in-law!

TL said...

Ah! Totally unnecessary. It's not as much the money as it's the amount of money for seeing such a short set. If there were other bands throughout the day that I wanted to see, I'd be all over it!