Day 31: Birthday, Cracker Barrel, Possessed By Paul James

The second half of summer kicked off with my 38th birthday and it didn't really start like you might expect. I've mentioned before that I have a rule about getting up and doing something productive if I wake up in the middle of the night and don't go back to sleep within ten minutes. As a result of this rule, my 38th birthday started around 2:30am.

I watched some TV (been going back through It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia when there's nothing else on), made some coffee, read the paper when it was dropped off around 3:30, and did some work on my websites. When the sun started to come up, I thought about going for a walk around the neighborhood...but I had work to do.

My wife and I have been wanting to remove the yews that lined the sidewalk leading to our front porch. They were overgrown, dated, and we just didn't like them. A few days ago, I'd gone after them with the loppers but decided to hold off a few days before tackling the roots.

When the sun peaked out around 5:30 this morning, I headed outside to dig some roots. By 7:00, Amy and the kids were waking up and the roots and stumps were out.


Before church, we loaded up the van and headed to Cracker Barrel for breakfast. We don't eat there often but Cracker Barrel is one of my favorites...especially for breakfast.

My friend Derek and I used to go to Chinese buffets when we were in grad school and we'd eat so much that we'd make ourselves miserable. We referred to this as "eating our asses off." This morning at Cracker Barrel -- faced with eggs, biscuits and gravy, hash brown casserole, grits, sausage, and coffee -- I ate my ass off.

Of course, the girls and I took a few minutes while we were there to look at all of the crap that Cracker Barrel sells out front.

After church, the kids all rested after a few days of being stretched pretty thin. You'd think that since I got up in the middle of the night that I would have taken full advantage of a potential nap time...but I hit Spotify instead. Whenever I've got time on my hands, I'm always content to just sit back and listen to some music. This afternoon's choices ranged from Phosphorescent to Vanilla Ice.

One song I listened to this afternoon seemed especially fitting for today.

A quick cat nap before dinner and I was all set for a proper birthday celebration. Thanks to all of you for the emails, texts, and greetings via Facebook today. Sometimes I take for granted just how truly #blessed I am when it comes to my friends and family.

The Summer of Tim continues...

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Derek Ash said...

Love the cake. The world needs more Cake making reality shows where the end result turns out to be a candy bar with candles in it.