Day 35: Simplicity

My dad headed home today, but not before a trip to our neighborhood playground with the kids.


Big news. Anna conquered the climbing wall.

But here's the biggest take-away from the day: There might be TV. There might be iPads. There might even be playgrounds. But nothing -- and I mean nothing -- beats a good old-fashioned staring contest.

Young or old, try it. You won't be disappointed.

The Summer of Tim continues...


Derek Ash said...

Some of my best moments are spent staring down my 4 year old during an impromptu staring contest. And then he starts clapping his hands to make me flinch... so I blow a puff of breath in his eyes.

I'm that dad.

Jay said...

My son has yet to beat me once at a staring contest in his 20 years.

Determination & drying contacts causing my eyes to water works every time!