Day 38: Carmelo, Lost Teeth, VBS

It's official. Carmelo Anthony is staying with the Knicks. You can rest easy now...I know you were concerned.

I can think of a handful of things in this world that make my skin crawl and one of those is a loose tooth -- especially when it gets to the point of just barely hanging on. After having one of my daughter's front teeth wiggled in my face for the past week, we were excited when it finally gave in this morning at church!

She was pretty concerned that she'll look funny for her first grade picture coming up in a few weeks but felt better when she saw my first grade picture.


Vacation Bible School started at our church tonight -- two kids in our house attending, two adults helping, and poor Mason just along for the ride.

Our VBS is led by a terrific team of college students from Wilmore, Kentucky's Asbury University, two of whom we have the pleasure of hosting in our house this week. Between VBS going until after bed time and having some guests in our house for a few days, we'll see how the kids do this week. I'm guessing we don't reach meltdown status until Wednesday.

The Summer of Tim continues...

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