Day 44: Allerton Park

After eleven years of living in this area, it wasn't until today that Amy and I have finally made the 20 minute drive to Allerton Park. We'd always heard great things and seen beautiful photos that others had taken at Allerton, so we loaded the kids in the van and headed out for a morning in the trees.

Mostly, I found myself walking behind everyone and taking pictures of them in front of me.

We got the stink-eye from a couple of teenage boys who seemed very unhappy that we were in the area of the park where they were clearly up to something. One of the boys apparently wanted to have a staring contest with me since his eyes were locked on mine for at least 30 seconds as we approached. Needless to say, I won the staring contest.

Moving on to another part of the park, we found a set of spiral stairs that led to a lookout platform above. The stairs certainly weren't intended for our kids to climb alone and each of them wanted a turn climbing to the top. Since I'm a big baby and was pretty uncomfortable climbing the stairs even by myself (seriously, when people say "don't look down" they mean it) Amy climbed the stairs three times while I took pictures from my own personal comfort zone.

While some parts of the park seemed surprisingly unkempt, it was still remarkably beautiful and such a great feeling to get away from everything for a few hours of fresh air!

The Summer of Tim continues...


Unknown said...

Allerton park staring contest champion 7/19/14....#respect

the sandwich life said...

oh damn....I am horribly jealous. The boys won't run through the mazes anymore. Enjoy this time!!! It was one of our favorite places....we still drag the guys out there now and then but when they were little...ohhhh

TL said...

Cynthia -- You're welcome to join us next time!

Derek Ash said...

Man, we took our kids to a local wildlife preserve and bird sanctuary called Birdsacre this morning and you'd have thought they were being forced on a death march.

Allerton looks like something out of Secret Garden.