Day 45: Farm Animals, Makeshift Country Boil

Charlotte heads off to first grade on Wednesday so we've officially reached the point in the summer where we cram in all of the stuff that we had planned on doing this summer but haven't yet. One of those things is a quick trip up the road to Prairie Farm, a park district "replica of a turn-of-the century farm."

Yeah. Goats and ducks. Whatever.

Let's get to the big hill next to the animals!

In back yard news, as the garden continues to flourish, we've been getting more "visitors."

How do you catch a unique rabbit?

You 'neak up on him, of course.

The day was capped off with an experiment of sorts.

Several years ago, my wife and I were invited to a birthday celebration for her aunt -- a "low country boil" complete with some of the best shrimp, potatoes, and corn on the cob I think I've ever eaten. With no plans for dinner tonight, we realized we actually had the stuff we needed to do a makeshift boil of our own. Unfortunately, after inviting some friends from down the street over for dinner, the corn was tough and the overall flavor was pretty bland.

I guess we're motivated now to do it the right way sometime.

On a side note, my brother-in-law threw me a bone today with his idea for how I should've been ending my posts all summer.

With that in mind...

The Summer Con-Tim-ues.

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