Day 49: Say Anything, Rootbeer, Fuh Fuh Fuh

The first words I heard when I turned the radio on today: "Nobody can be in a bad mood today. Sunny and 75."

Stuff like this always tends to put things in perspective for me a little bit. Kind of like the line from Say Anything when John Cusack says to his sister, "Why can't you be in a good mood? How hard is it to decide to be in a good mood and be in a good mood once in a while?"


Truth that's hard to remember on the day-to-day. But truth.

Today was a big day for my wife who has taken the past few years away from her career to stay home with our kids before they head off to school. Feeling the urge to go back to work more every day, she recently applied for a full-time position and was offered (and, of course, accepted) the job this morning. So we're thrilled on a professional level but also feeling some level of panic now trying to sort out childcare for our kids. Either way, I'm super excited for my wife because I know she's excited.

Tons of new music from some of my favorite artists coming out in the next few weeks including a new Rootbeer EP from Pigeon John and Flynn Adam. If you like decent hip-hop, it'll be worth the few bucks it's going for on iTunes. I promise.

Listen for yourself.

Coincidentally, the new EP is titled "18 Minutes" and as many of you know, the Todd Snider site that I started and have maintained for about ten years now is

Strange. And awesome.

Let's keep it random with a cartoon strip that I just noticed which has been saved on my desktop for several weeks. Back in college, I spent two semesters living with a good friend of mine from back home. He had a Dilbert book and for some reason, this particular strip struck us as especially hilarious.

Of course, we regularly mocked each other by pretending to hold a pair of glasses in the air and saying "fuh, fuh, fuh."

So there's that.

The Summer of Tim continues...fuh, fuh, fuh.


LD said...

I googled "Dilbert fuh fuh fuh" and this page came up as top image search result. Congrats, Hawold.

TL said...

Google fuh congrats fuh fuh.