Day 50: Paul's Boutique, Mookie, Joe Kelly

Not a whole lot going on again today.

I helped a friend move and Amy and I started looking at our options for the kids during this coming school year now that we'll both be back at work full time. We visited a few daycare centers, but I think we're leaning more towards hiring someone to be in our own house with the kids. That way they can nap in their own beds and get off the bus at their own house. Plus the added benefit on our end of being able to come straight home from work rather than battling evening traffic as we pick up our kids from 1-3 different places.

Today was the 25th anniversary of the release of one of my all-time favorite albums -- the Beastie Boys' Paul's Boutique.

Man. Hard to believe it's been 25 years since I picked up the Hey Ladies cassette single at a shopping mall record store.

In others news, I'm pretty sure I've not thrown anything away since the mid-80s.

My summer fling with Spike Lee movies continued today as I spent the rainy afternoon watching Red Hook Summer. Not his best work, but I loved the nods to his earlier films -- especially a few cameo appearances by Mookie from Do the Right Thing.


And it sounds like my least favorite baseball team is about to pick up one of my least favorite players in the league as the Cardinals are close to signing A.J. Pierzynski. Pierzynski may have a World Series ring, but he'll go down in my history books for taking one off the chin compliments of Michael Barrett.

Speaking of the Cardinals, I have to give credit where it's due.

I was reading an article about two MLB players who recently staged a "national anthem standoff" completely ripping off Joe Kelly and Scott Van Slyke's similar standoff from last year's playoffs. For those unfamiliar, the goal of such a standoff is simple -- to be the last man to leave the field following the conclusion of the Star Spangled Banner.

Watch for yourself. So simple, but so entertaining.

It's refreshing to see this kind of stuff when professional sports can be taken far too seriously by players, reporters, and fans. Joe Kelly nailed it with a quote after the game in which he and Van Slyke faced off:

"It’s a kids game, it’s baseball. You’re supposed to have fun. You take it serious, you start to get gray hairs."

As my pal Derek might say, #respect.

The Summer of Tim continues...

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