Day 52: God-Awareness

A thunderstorm rolled through last night around 2am and woke up all three kids in record time. With five people piled in our bed, it felt like a scene out of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

After an hour or so, which included a failed attempt to have the five of us camp out together on the living room floor, the storm had passed and everyone was back in their own beds. Everyone but me. The guy who can never go back to sleep.

Around 5am I took a walk around the neighborhood and I decided to give a listen to Judah Smith since it'd been a while since I'd listened to one of his messages. Now FASTE readers, I don't often get preachy on here, but this dude can bring it.

In his message called "Instagram Isn't Real," he grabs my attention right off the bat with some straight up truth: "Social media is not aiding our efforts towards contentment!"

So much more in this great message including a powerful conclusion:

"Don't ever underestimate the power of God-awareness -- the ability to acknowledge and be conscious of God's immediate presence in whatever circumstance you find."

Listen for yourself...

The Summer of Tim continues...

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