Temple(s) of Boom

In 1993, Cypress Hill became one of my favorite music groups as I latched on to their most successful album to date -- Black Sunday.

Around this same time, I paid a couple of bucks for a CD at a local pawn shop -- Munchies For Your Bass by the Texas-based rap crew Nemesis.

A few years later, in 1995, Cypress Hill followed Black Sunday with another solid album -- III: Temples of Boom.

All these years later, I've discovered that Nemesis put out several albums including a 1993 effort titled Temple of Boom.

1993. Two years before Cypress Hill's similarly titled album. Considering we're talking about the difference of a letter "s", how a lawsuit did not ensue is beyond me.

In other news, keep an eye out for my own album coming out soon. It'll be 45 minutes of heavy bass beats that I'll call Temple of Booms.

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Rob O'Hara said...

Munchies For Your Bass (the song) was a staple with me and my friends. I had lots of friends who had more money in their stereo systems than they had in their cars, and the three bass notes in that song was a good way to test out a system and rattle the windows.