Today was a Good Day (at the Flea Market)

More often than not, a trip to the flea market involves a fifty-cent My Little Pony for whichever daughter has tagged along for the morning, a stop for breakfast at the greasy spoon near the interstate exit, and an annoyance on my part for making the trip and coming home empty-handed.

Not today, folks. Not today.

First, I flea-marketed solo today. Sans kids. This meant I had the opportunity to dig through boxes, flip through records, and haggle prices without a tiny voice expressing boredom and desire for something involving less walking. Every time I go to the flea market, I stop at the same table first -- a guy who's usually got a great mix of toys, knick-knacks, and general nonsense at a very reasonable price. Today was off to a great start as I was able to grab a couple of fun action figures -- the King of Cartoons (Pee-Wee's Playhouse) and Donnie Wahlberg (New Kids on the Block) -- for less than I'd spend on a stop at the vending machine.


Then there was the stack of 45s. Apparently somebody had cleaned out their juke box as these suckers were all in perfect condition. At a quarter each, I couldn't help myself and grabbed nine favorites.

Barely breaking a five by this point, I strolled on to my next favorite seller at the flea market...and there it was.

Let me back up for a minute.

When I was a kid, my brother and I had a Fisher-Price Movie Theater. We had both the viewer that showed the movies on the wall and the handheld viewer. At some point over the past 3+ decades, all of this disappeared -- presumably during a tornado which passed very close to my parents house several years ago. After scouring eBay for quite some time, I was able to pick up a plug-in viewer a few months back for an amazing price.

I held off on tracking down one of the hand-held viewers though. Not sure why...but I just did. I even heard from my brother recently that these hand-held viewers are now one of the items brought back by Fisher-Price in their line of vintage items "newly" available in stores. I've heard these reboots are pretty flimsy so I never felt the urge to drop the 20 bucks on a new one.

Then today at the flea market...I was glad I waited.

A sale I was not about to miss.

Fifteen movie cartridges (which sell for anywhere from $5-$15 each online) and two original handheld viewers (usually $10 bucks or so online). The vender wanted two bucks each for the movies and eight each for the viewers. I offered 25 bucks for all of the movies and one viewer and she was onboard.

After mentioning that my kids love these things too, she threw in the other viewer for free. Not that I'm going to sell this stuff any time soon, but I dropped 25 bucks on well over $150 worth of vintage goodness.

Not gonna lie, though. When I texted my brother about this, he'd also found something awesome this morning...and I'm completely jealous.