From the Kitchen of...

My wife did well.

I'm not sure I've ever had a Christmas gift get me teary-eyed before.

My mom died back in 2009. Among her many gifts and talents was her incomparable ability in the kitchen. Like a maestro conducting an orchestra was my mother in her kitchen. One of my favorite dishes she made -- something she really didn't make all that often -- was spinach pie.

For Christmas this year, my wife arranged for a friend of ours to use her artistic talents and place a permanent tribute to my mom in our own kitchen. Once my dad found mom's original recipe card for spinach pie, my wife passed it along to our friend who created a wonderful piece of art -- complete with a solid replication of my mom's actual handwriting.

The complete Sanford & Son series may not have put a lump in my throat when I opened it, but this gift sure did.

My wife did well.

Really well.

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the sandwich life said...

So beautiful. Give Amy my love! She did good.