Gary Riley: Alive and Well

A few years ago, I wrote a blog post about actor Gary Riley who you may remember from his roles in Summer School and Stand By Me.

When Gary's acting career seemingly came to a halt in the late 90's, the rumor mill circulated several stories -- the most common being that he had died in a car accident. But on the flip side, others claimed to have been in contact with him or to have seen him alive and well. So in July of 2010, I posed the question: "Dead or alive, Gary? Which is it?"

Today I am happy to report that Mr. Gary Riley is not dead.

He is not incarcerated.

He is alive.

He is well.

And he is on Facebook.

DNA analysis is pending.

[Photo by Paul Bunnell courtesy of Facebook]


Derek Ash said...

This... sort of blew my mind just a little bit, Tim.

Why didn't this guy have a much more prolific career I wonder? He was brilliant in Summer School.

Unknown said...

I'll second that he was brilliant in Summer School and all the films he did he stood out even if it was a small part like Stand by me ...He's a good lad is Gary and i think part of the 1990's were spent in Amsterdam living it up......Good on him....

Unknown said...

I took these recent photos of Gary in Burbank, CA and confirm that it is indeed him.