Teen Beat: December 1986

It's been a while since I've cracked open an issue of Teen Beat to share with the faithful FASTE masses. For those that need a reminder, yes, I had a subscription to Teen Beat when I was a kid.

Here's December of 1986, folks...

Of course, the issue comes complete with plenty of color shots featuring the stars of the day -- for example, Ferris Bueller, Michael Bluth, and the gang from Stand By Me.


Speaking of Stand By Me, there's a one-page summary about each of the guys from the film. A film that was rated R which meant my knowledge of Stand By Me was limited to this magazine in 1986.

How about a few pages summarizing the rise of Wham! Tons of information about George Michael and the other guy from Wham! I wonder if Andrew Ridgeley has a hard time knowing he's best known as "the other guy from Wham."

Andrew Ridgeley could probably commiserate with Marc Price since this article about the movie Trick or Treat refers to him multiple times as "Marc Price, better known as Skippy from Family Ties."


You didn't think I'd share this article and not dig in to find out a little more about Trick or Treat, did you? I'd never do that to you. Plus, it only took me about four seconds to find a full copy of the movie on YouTube.

I love the internet.

One of the biggest features in this issue is the 1986-1987 TV preview featuring shows ranging from Who's the Boss to Perfect Strangers to the (impossible-to-find-more-than-one-episode-on-YouTube) John Stamos show You Again.


But what would a 1986 teen magazine be without some sort of awesome Ferris Bueller contest. He gave away his vest a few months earlier, so what I guess December readers are left with the lesser prize -- a copy of the Ferris Bueller's Day Off novelization.

I didn't enter the contest. I knew I'd end up buying the book online a few decades later.

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Sue London said...

Probably the craziest part to me is that most of the guys featured on that cover are still fairly relevant today. Who knew? Tiger Beat, apparently.