"House Party" Houses

I've seen House Party a bajillion times. That's why I was surprised when I was watching it last night and noticed something I hadn't seen before.

Near the beginning of the movie, the camera cuts to Kid's hands for a brief second as he shuffles through the mail. Two of the four envelopes show a mailing address in clear view: 1568 Oxford Ave. Midtown, USA 90035.

A quick Google search using the street address and zip code turns up this house in Los Angeles.

Sure enough, the same house used in the movie.

There's the house number above Kid's head as he comes home from school.

Of course, I couldn't stop there. After recently using Google Street View to discover that the school scenes in The Karate Kid and Summer School were filmed in the same building, I had to keep looking. I'm realizing that Google Street View is a great tool for directions, but a better tool for taking virtual tours of pop culture locations.

Here's Kid coming home from school just before he reaches his front porch (seen in the previous picture). Take a look down the street behind him.

Here's Google's shot of the same street.

But this is House Party, right? Forget Kid's house. What about the location of Play's party itself?

Of course, the internet quickly came through for me there. Play's house is at 2895 West 15th Street in LA. There it is below on the right.

To the left you'll see the window where John Witherspoon expressed his displeasure to the party-goers and to the police.

Then there's Bilal's house.

It's at 207 East Olive Avenue in Monrovia, CA. Aside from its new color, still very much the same as it was in 1990.

The opposite side of this street is visible as Play pulls from Bilal's driveway.


Just to be sure, a quick turn around on Street View proves this to be the correct location.

So here's what's fascinating to me. While many movies are filmed in places that do not make sense when looking at their actual geographic locations (for example, Ferris Bueller's Day Off which was mostly filmed in the Chicago area with the Bueller home being located in Long Beach, CA), House Party makes total sense. Plugging in the locations of Kid's house and Play's house, it is completely feasible that Kid would have walked the 0.2 miles to the party.

Furthermore, getting to Bilal's house would have required a bit of a drive which took place in the movie, as well. It's easy to assume that Bilal was picked up because he had all of his DJ equipment with him, but if you remember, Play left him behind and came back for him later. Had his house been closer, Bilal could have walked, but he stayed behind and waited for a ride because he was 20+ miles away.

Totally feasible.

I'm tempted to go on a street-by-street tour of this area in Los Angeles to try and find some of the other locations -- Sindey's house, Sharane's apartment building, Groove's house, and the gala location where the best line in the movie is spoken by George Clinton.


I'm loving the idea of more virtual tours of filming locations via Google Maps. Doing it this way, the gas mileage is amazing.

Coloring Book Evidence of Mr. T's Soft Side

In the early 80's, nobody pitied fools or had an intolerance for jibba-jabba like Mr. T.

Ripped with muscle and clad in more gold chains than 100 old school rappers, Mr. T was typically seen as a force to be reckoned with and not an individual to be taken lightly. On the contrary, a pair of 1984 Golden coloring books shed light on a side of Mr. T that went mostly unseen.

Prepare yourself, suckas. I'm about to turn your world upside down.

1. Tic-Tac-T

2. Breakfast T

3. Soda Fountain T

4. Apple Orchard T

5. Scrapbooking T

6. Fish Tank T

7. Sleepy T

8. Namaste T

9. Animal Rescue T

10. Flower Garden T

11. Sand Castle T

12. Baker T

13. Art Critic T

14. Petting Zoo T

15. Playground T

16. Campfire T


Images copyright 1984 BIG T's ENTERPRISES, INC.

I am Raffi.

For several years, I've been told multiple times that, when I have a beard, I look like popular children's singer Raffi.


I've always laughed it off as a close-but-no-cigar. Until now.

Another friend brought to my attention a Raffi album I hadn't seen before and I can't deny it any longer.

I am Raffi.



Apparently Raffi agrees.

Nerd Lunch Podcast 170: Fake Bands

The Nerd Lunch fourth chair hardly had a chance to lose the form of my butt from its cushion before I was asked back for another episode -- this time joining CT, Pax, and the Sexy Armpit's Jay for a chat about our favorite fake bands. Although I'm disappointed to say that Jesse and the Rippers were not mentioned by anyone, I'm proud to have put the Facts of Life's band "Sexy Lingerie" back on the map.

You're welcome, internet.

Now listen.

A 13-Year-Old Idiot

Tidying up the basement a bit today, I came across a home video I had converted to DVD several years ago and, for some reason, I decided to give it a look. In doing so, I came to two interesting realizations:
  1. In this video, my parents are roughly the age I am now.
  2. I was a 13-year-old idiot.

It was 1989 and I was 13, having just started the 8th grade. We were at a family reunion where a distant relative had his camcorder set up in order to do a short interview with each individual family. It was my family's turn to be filmed and I turned my idiot dial up to 11.

Literally six seconds into the clip, I was already turning my eyelids inside out (that's me in the middle).

Then I laid a big kiss on my mom's cheek.

When I was asked to introduce her (this was going to be a historical document, after all) I pretended like I didn't know her first name.

As my dad does his best to ignore me and introduces himself, I act like I'm picking my nose.

Then there's this face.

I failed to mention that I have a giant wad of gum in my mouth which I seem to be thoroughly enjoying. Never in my life have I been one to blow bubbles with my gum. Except here.

After elbowing my brother in a get-a-load-of-this type way, I flash a dollar bill to the camera.

After less than three minutes, the interview is over and my family disperses -- me by way of the picnic table bench.

Did you catch that? Less than three minutes. All of that full-on assery in 170 seconds.

Two more realizations:
  1. Suddenly I am aware of just how well-behaved my own kids really are.
  2. I am fully confident that the only thing that kept my parents from killing me during these three minutes was the fact that there would be videotaped evidence against them.
I may regret this, but here's the video in its entirety.