A New Monkees Upgrade

A few years ago, I made a serious confession: I'm a New Monkees fan.

Not familiar with the New Monkees? That's okay. Most people aren't. To bring you up to speed:
In 1987, the original Monkees were on the comeback trail. Someone somewhere got a bright idea to bring a similar zaniness to a new generation and the New Monkees were born -- Larry, Marty, Dino, and Jared. 

Today's mail delivered a long-awaited package from California. Return address: "Decay."

Or "D.K."

Or Dino Kovas, drummer from the New Monkees.

For years, I've had copies of all thirteen episodes of the New Monkees, but the quality was seriously lacking. They'd been recorded from television to VHS and copied to other VHS tapes countless times before finally being transferred to DVD. Thanks to this wonderful thing called the internet (and Dino, too, of course), I've finally got my hands on a complete and quality copy of the New Monkees series.


Indeed, time to TURN IT UP!

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