Coloring Book Evidence of Mr. T's Soft Side

In the early 80's, nobody pitied fools or had an intolerance for jibba-jabba like Mr. T.

Ripped with muscle and clad in more gold chains than 100 old school rappers, Mr. T was typically seen as a force to be reckoned with and not an individual to be taken lightly. On the contrary, a pair of 1984 Golden coloring books shed light on a side of Mr. T that went mostly unseen.

Prepare yourself, suckas. I'm about to turn your world upside down.

1. Tic-Tac-T

2. Breakfast T

3. Soda Fountain T

4. Apple Orchard T

5. Scrapbooking T

6. Fish Tank T

7. Sleepy T

8. Namaste T

9. Animal Rescue T

10. Flower Garden T

11. Sand Castle T

12. Baker T

13. Art Critic T

14. Petting Zoo T

15. Playground T

16. Campfire T


Images copyright 1984 BIG T's ENTERPRISES, INC.

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Bring The Needle Down. said...

Ha ha, I can see him doing everything but scrapbooking and gardening! This is great!