"House Party" Houses

I've seen House Party a bajillion times. That's why I was surprised when I was watching it last night and noticed something I hadn't seen before.

Near the beginning of the movie, the camera cuts to Kid's hands for a brief second as he shuffles through the mail. Two of the four envelopes show a mailing address in clear view: 1568 Oxford Ave. Midtown, USA 90035.

A quick Google search using the street address and zip code turns up this house in Los Angeles.

Sure enough, the same house used in the movie.

There's the house number above Kid's head as he comes home from school.

Of course, I couldn't stop there. After recently using Google Street View to discover that the school scenes in The Karate Kid and Summer School were filmed in the same building, I had to keep looking. I'm realizing that Google Street View is a great tool for directions, but a better tool for taking virtual tours of pop culture locations.

Here's Kid coming home from school just before he reaches his front porch (seen in the previous picture). Take a look down the street behind him.

Here's Google's shot of the same street.

But this is House Party, right? Forget Kid's house. What about the location of Play's party itself?

Of course, the internet quickly came through for me there. Play's house is at 2895 West 15th Street in LA. There it is below on the right.

To the left you'll see the window where John Witherspoon expressed his displeasure to the party-goers and to the police.

Then there's Bilal's house.

It's at 207 East Olive Avenue in Monrovia, CA. Aside from its new color, still very much the same as it was in 1990.

The opposite side of this street is visible as Play pulls from Bilal's driveway.


Just to be sure, a quick turn around on Street View proves this to be the correct location.

So here's what's fascinating to me. While many movies are filmed in places that do not make sense when looking at their actual geographic locations (for example, Ferris Bueller's Day Off which was mostly filmed in the Chicago area with the Bueller home being located in Long Beach, CA), House Party makes total sense. Plugging in the locations of Kid's house and Play's house, it is completely feasible that Kid would have walked the 0.2 miles to the party.

Furthermore, getting to Bilal's house would have required a bit of a drive which took place in the movie, as well. It's easy to assume that Bilal was picked up because he had all of his DJ equipment with him, but if you remember, Play left him behind and came back for him later. Had his house been closer, Bilal could have walked, but he stayed behind and waited for a ride because he was 20+ miles away.

Totally feasible.

I'm tempted to go on a street-by-street tour of this area in Los Angeles to try and find some of the other locations -- Sindey's house, Sharane's apartment building, Groove's house, and the gala location where the best line in the movie is spoken by George Clinton.


I'm loving the idea of more virtual tours of filming locations via Google Maps. Doing it this way, the gas mileage is amazing.


Anonymous said...

does anybody know what housing projects that is sharane lives?

TL said...

I searched up and down the streets in that area on Google Maps (assuming Sharane's place was in that same general area) and didn't have any luck. If anyone can ever come up with the location, I'll definitely update this blog post.