The Faces of Graffiti Rock

Anyone who follows me on Twitter knows that I watch Graffiti Rock about twice a week. For those unfamiliar with Graffiti Rock, it was essentially a hip-hop version of Soul Train and American Bandstand. There were dancers. There were live performances. The catch was this -- only one episode was made.

Originally aired in June of 1984, the one episode of Graffiti Rock featured recording artist Shannon, the New York City Breakers, and a completely staged rap battle between Run DMC and Kool Moe Dee and Special K of the Treacherous Three. A few of the young dancers went on to become semi-familiar names among celebrity circuits -- specifically actress Debi Mazar and actor Vince Gallo. A few years ago, Debi Mazar spoke with Jimmy Kimmel about her experience on the show.

The host of the show, Michael Holman, took to Kickstarter several months ago to fund a Graffiti Rock documentary celebrating the show's 30th anniversary -- a documentary that we're all still patiently waiting for almost two years later.

In the meantime, here are my ten favorite people found in the one 23-minute episode of Graffiti Rock.

1. Michael Holman. When you give cool a mic, great things happen.

2. This guy's got one chance for a close-up shot and he chose to do a fish face.

3. White.

One of these dudes was pretty excited when there was talk of a rap battle.

4. Shirt and jacket? Check. Gloves? Check. Hat? Check. Sweating profusely? Check.

5. I spy with my eye a dude wearing a karate-style bandanna.

6. My man in the Nike jacket just wanted to be on TV and the girl in the pink polo kept getting in his shot.

7. This guy.

8. Not sure whose arm this is, but they had to get Michael Holman's attention on camera when it was time for a transition from the host.

9. Forget the guy dancing center stage. Check out the dude on the riser in the shorts and trucker hat.

10. Hands down, my favorite person on this entire episode is the guy in the Kangol hat. Wonder why?

That's why.

If you don't know, now you know.

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