Video Game Resurrection

Easter Sunday produced a box of awesome that I wasn't expecting. Walking through my mother-in-law's garage, my wife spotted a box of cords and cables topped off with a very familiar site -- an original NES console!

Absolutely intrigued, I checked it out for myself and found that underneath the dust-covered NES were wads of wires packed around equally dusty Nintendo 64 and Sega Genesis consoles! Assuming these belonged to my wife's youngest (now grown) brothers at one point, I asked my mother-in-law if she was looking to get rid of it all. Based on the layer of dust and grime covering everything in the box, she concluded that if they (my wife's brothers) had wanted the contents, they would have taken them long ago.

So the plan was set into motion. I'd take the box, see what was there and what was missing, clean it up, test what might be complete, and maker her an offer.

Like a kid in a candy store, I couldn't get home fast enough at that point. I was dying to dig through this box. Once we got home, that's what I did...and here's what I found:


For years I've regretted selling my Sega Genesis during grad school. I can still taste the crazy amounts of Topper's pizza and gallons of Mickey's that were consumed during undergrad while spending hours attached to this system. I've often looked for a replacement at flea markets but have never pulled the trigger. I'm glad I waited.

This was the dirtiest of all three consoles in the box so I was surprised to find that it actually worked the first time I plugged it in.

Sort of.

The picture was fine but there was a very noticeable hum behind the audio. When I decided to open it up to investigate, I quickly found the probable source of the issue -- a water-damaged and extremely dusty circuit board.

With the outside of the console cleaned already, I tackled the inside with an army of Q-tips.


Properly cleaned -- at least as properly as I'm able and willing to do at this time -- the hum is mostly gone and I'm jonesin' for some NHL action!


I've already got an N64 on hand but it's on semi-permanent loan from a friend. I don't use it much because this wasn't a system that I grew up with so there's no nostalgia factor at play. A good thing, I guess, since I can't get this one working (yet).

I haven't decided if I need to open this one up, too (as I probably will) or if there's some key piece(s) missing. Again, I'm not too familiar with the N64 so I've got a little investigating to do here.


I've got an NES on hand, as well -- in fact, it's the actual one that my brother and I played on as kids. Having some issues with it recently, I was at the point where replacing the pin connector (again) was going to be necessary. Then along comes this box with a dusty NES on top.

Cleaned up and plugged works perfectly.


Now I can replace the pin connector in my other system and let my brother have it back. There will be RBI Baseball in my house tonight. I guarantee it.


There were a few random parts in the box as my brothers-in-law had later game systems as well. Still deciding what to do with these.



There was more there besides just video games -- stuff that didn't interest me like a few cordless phones, some computer mice, and about thirteen miles of phone and cable TV cords. There was this old slide viewer which is cool...but I don't have any slides to view (What am I gonna do with a slide viewer? I don't even own a slide. Let alone many slides which would necessitate an entire slide viewer. What am I gonna do with a slide viewer?).

All of this goes back to my mother-in-law for a future garage sale.

But then there was the most random item of them all -- a framed picture of Jesus in the bottom of the box.

How fitting, right? It was Easter Sunday, after all -- a day set aside to remember Jesus' resurrection. What better timing to bring these game systems back from the dead for what is sure to be the second-best resurrection in Easter history!

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Oh no. He didn't.


Unknown said...

Even Jesus used warp zones in Super Mario Bros

Derek Ash said...

Jesus IS my warp zone. (I feel like that may have been either incredibly sacrilegious to say, or incredibly t-shirt worthy for today's Christians) Also: AMAZING FIND!