Winning at Saturday

My daughters have birthdays two weeks apart and my wife had a terrific idea this year now that they're forming their own individual groups of friends -- two parties, back-to-back, one day. First was an Ever After High party for a recently-turned five-year-old. Then came the Pokemon party for the soon-to-be seven-year-old. But I won't talk about cupcakes. Let's talk about the hours prior to the parties.

This is the weekend of the monthly flea market I like to visit and somehow my wife was okay with me going despite the last-minute party preparations. After verifying that she wasn't just saying this and would not be harboring resentment towards me while I was away, I poured a cup of coffee and headed out. I stopped for cash, gas, and breakfast.

Now let me say something very clearly. If there is a current fast-food trend that could ultimately cause my demise, it's Taco Bell's breakfast menu. I was already in love with their A.M Crunchwraps based on the few times I'd had one, but then today I saw something on the menu I hadn't seen before -- the Country A.M. Crunchwrap. I have weaknesses, people. And one of those weaknesses is biscuits and gravy. Taco Bell is essentially hitting me where I'm weakest with this tortilla filled with hash browns, cheese, sausage, scrambled eggs, and country gravy.

They had me at gravy. There's gravy in this thing! I repeat. THERE IS GRAVY IN THERE!

Got it to go and scarfed it down on my way to the flea market.

Not including my stop at Taco Bell and the gas station, I spent a little over ten dollars today -- ten of the most fun dollars I've spent at the flea market in a long time. First up was a cheaters manual to mastering the Rubik's Cube, compliments of "schoolboy cubemaster" Patrick Bossert. It was bagged with what seems to be a knock-off Rubik's Cube still in the original box and cellophane wrap.

Two bucks. Sold.

Then a few minutes later, I about peed my pants when I found this guy in a box mostly filled with McDonald's toys. Yep. That's the G.I. Joe version of William "The Refrigerator" Perry. While I already have one of these, I couldn't pass this by. Especially considering the price tag.

75 cents. Sold.

Then there was the item I'd been eyeing for the past few months at the flea market. With a price tag of twelve bucks, I'd always passed it by. This month it was still there but the "12" was scratched out and replaced with an "8."

Eight bucks. Sold.

What we've got here is a plastic View-Master collector's case with a blue viewer and reel container inside along with 29 reels. I didn't have a blue viewer and the case was pretty cool. That's quite a few reels, too. But a more fitting collection of reels could not have been made for me unless this was a stack of 29 Karate Kid reels. Here's what was included: Michael Jackson's Thriller, Scooby Doo, G.I. Joe, Garfield, The A-Team, The Muppet Movie, Knight Rider, Superman II, Smurfs, and Spider-Man.

You might think all of this was a waste of ten bucks. But you won't be looking at three dimensional images of B.A. Baracus tonight. Will you?


Derek Ash said...


Is the Scooby-Doo the "That's Snow Ghost" episode?

TL said...

That's Snow Ghost, indeed!

Derek Ash said...

Oooh... man. I used to stare at that set of Scooby Doo reels for... I don't even know. Hours? As a kid. Takes me back a million years. Great scores Tim!