Day 04: Twitter Fishing, Kid n Play, Playground Injury

Although the students wrapped up yesterday, today marked the last official day of the school year with only staff reporting. I’ve still got one last day tomorrow to put in the spring portion of my extended contract as a counselor (I go back nine days early at the start of each year, as well). Bringing to a close one of the most stressful (but productive) semesters of my professional career, I've still got plenty of work to do over the summer...but let's not talk about that.

Occasionally I do some "fishing" on Twitter -- you know, sharing a comment or photo with a celebrity in hopes of getting a response. For example, a few years back, I was thrilled when Pee-Wee Herman recognized our homemade Mr. Breakfast.

Flipping through my Twitter feed last night, I saw that Kid of Kid 'n' Play fame had shared a photo of himself and partner-in-rhyme Play sitting on the porch at one of the filming locations from House Party. Having just recently written about the locations of the House Party houses, I decided to share a link with Kid.

He called me Boss.

And Captain Thorough.

The real news from today belongs to Anna who scored our family's first (and hopefully last) summer injury. Apparently as she was chasing a friend on the playground in our neighborhood, she slipped on some loose mulch and her head was introduced to a low climbing bar.

Poor kid.

The Summer of Tim continues...


the sandwich life said...

ohhhh....poor sweet pea....but other than that....go Tim go!

Derek Ash said...

Our boys were running through the house and our youngest fell and now sports a goose-egg in the exact same spot. Ugh.

TL said...

Ugh is right. Hopefully his goose-egg is healing as fast as the one in this house!